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Snow Removal

In addition to snow, ice can plague homeowners. Icy surfaces put everyone at risk of slipping which can cause serious injury. Don’t put your family or any visitors at risk; get in touch with Trey's Lawn & Landscape today to start planning your winter snow removal service.

Our standard service includes snow blowing your driveway clear through the snow drift out into the street, your sidewalk, front porch, community sidewalks, mailbox access, and cleaning off the cars parked outside your home. We also offer ice melt, pet safe ice melt, or sand on an as needed basis if you wish. We will never apply cheap, corrosive salt to your driveway!

Priority service and special requests can be made ahead of time. Whether it’s to shovel a spot off your lawn for your dog or to clear off your deck so you can access the bird feeders, we’re here to make your life a little easier when Jack Frost comes knocking.